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Wonder Massager

Ems Mask Fits Face High-performance Lifting Mask

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Sculpt and firm the face, improve cheek contour and tighten muscle tone anytime, anywhere

Mask is a hands-free, wearable at-home device that utilizes the face-lifting power of electric muscle stimulation (EMS) technology. Designed to target the cheeks and lower face muscles, giving an instant toning to your complexion. Choose between two different settings for an invigorating and deep facial workout that helps boost circulation, strengthen and tone muscles, define the jawline and lift the cheeks.



Skin elasticity improves, the tightened, beautiful face oval is formed;
- Boost microcirculation;
- Contours Jawline;
- Reduce Chubby Cheeks;
- Tighten Muscle Tone;

EMS (Mid-frequency energy currents)

The core of skin elasticity lies in the muscles below the skin’s surface. Mid-frequency energy currents can help massage and stimulate inactive muscles in the skin, which supports skin elasticity.

How does facial EMS work?

Among various methods of treatment using electrical current (Galvanic current, Microcurrent, and EMS - all commonly often referred to as microcurrent), EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) utilizes electrical currents of reverse polarity to stimulate inner muscles and help them relax & contract. Stimulating and massaging the inner muscles directly will help strengthen them, which ultimately helps improve skin elasticity and reduce sagging skin. Recent studies have also revealed that electrical stimulation may be helpful at promoting ATP synthesis to a certain extent as unipolarity microcurrents do.


  1. Apply lotion to the face on the area you want to treat, or apply to the mask;
  2. Secure the mask on your head using the adjustable velcro straps. 
  3. Start the 10-minute treatment. Choose between the Workout, Jaw Definer Mode or Cheek Sculptor Mode and complete your 10-minute hands-free treatment. 
  4. Remove the mask and enjoy the glow. 



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