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Wonder Massager

USAPA Approved Premium Pickleball Paddles Guitar Pattern

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The PADDLE was designed to take the game of pickleball to the next level. Utilizing high grade Japanese sourced carbon fiber the face is the perfect blend of stiffness and comfort for a soft but powerful feel. In the core our 8mm PP honeycomb allows you to play comfortably from the baseline with easy power. Spin RP, our proprietary two component polyurethane coating allows the Icon to be the most spin friendly USAPA approved paddle on the market. Perfectly balanced and beautifully designed with a sleek edge guard and high end graphics. The Icon is the next generation of pickleball paddles.


Material: inner laminated PE (polypropylene) honeycomb, outer double-sided glass and carbon fibre

Specification: length approx. 400mm, width approx. 20mm, thickness approx. 11mm, thickness approx. 14mm, weight alone approx. 245g, weight together with the bag approx. 385g.

Round racket: same material as Pique racket, length approx. 420MM, width 240MM, thickness 9MM

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

This is a nice deal at a good price. he paddles are lightweight and the grips breath when your hand is sweating which maintains a good grip. Very delighted with my purchase.

Hattie Obryan

I'm new to the game and this paddle was super affordable and a more than adequate choice. There are nicer (more expensive) paddles out there but before you spend the money, be sure you're committed to the game. I would definitely recommend these to any new pickleball player


I've bought 3 sets now as birthday gifts for teenagers. They prefer these to my more expensive graphite set, and I like them just as much.

Aadhya Gower

Great set of paddles, this was an upgrade from our cheap old wooden paddles.?

Dean Pryor

product looks as expected