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Wonder Massager

Solar Powered Ultrasonic Bird Pest Repeller

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  • Safe bird repellant: No chemicals and does not harm theanimals
  • Solar-Powered: You can also use 3 AA batteries as analternative source of power
  • Adjustable switch, motion sensor, and ultrasound speakerSize: 15 x12 x 7cm/Battery: 3x AA Rechargeable 800mAhBattery(Included)
  • Effective range: 5,000sq.ft.

Some homes are more appealing to common birds like pigeonsand doves especially those that have flowery gardens and widelawns. Moreover, poultry farms or those that house chickens,turkey, and the like also have quite a lot of stray birds in their areabecause stray birds pick up grains and pellets that are left behindby the caged birds. However, sometimes these birds come inarge numbers and disturb your peace. This ultrasonic birdrepeller is a solar-powered bird repellant. It is the safest and mosthumane way of keeping birds off your perimeter. It does not useharsh chemicals or traps that can harm the animals. This birdrepellant only uses ultrasound to repel the birds. It is safe for theenvironment, safe for the birds, and safe for you too!

Easy to Use

Installing this bird repellant is very easy. The first thing to consideris the location where you want to place this device. Take note thatthis device does not use batteries, nor does it need charging. ltrelies solely on the heat of the sun for energy. That is why youneed to place it in an open or semi-open space. However, if youreally need to use it indoors, you can just attach 3 AA batteries asan alternative source of power. Remember that it should get ateast 4 hours of sun exposure every day. This machine has a5,000sq.ft. effective range.


This bird repeller has a motion sensor. The sensor signals theapparatus that a bird is nearby so the device releases ultrasonicsounds. It also has four mounting holes for your convenience. Thedevice comes with mounting screws already. lt can be mountedin ground with the provided spike, or hang on objects such astrees, fences and walls.


Materials: ABSInfrared (PIR) Sensor Range: 110 degreeDetection Distance: Up to 30 ft.depending on animal size.Coverage Area: 5,000sq.ft.
Power Supply: Rechargeable 3 x AA Ni-MH 12v 800mah battery.recharged by solar panel (solar energy) or USB power adapter5V/500mAh).
Color: Green and silver
ltem Size:15 x12 x 7cm

Package included:

1x Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
1x USB Charge Cable
1x Installing Pole
7x User manual

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No more pests

I have a small wine cellar and grow my own grapes, but quite often some of them are ruined by animals that get between the vines. This device drove out all the pests and now my vines are intact.