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Squirrels Trouble Squirrel Proof Spring Device

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Squirrels Trouble

Feed The Birds, Not The Squirrels! Keeps squirrels on the ground and away from your bird feeder with Squirrels Trouble. Its unique spring mechanism deters them from gaining access to your bird feeders or birdhouses.

Main Features

  • Automatically Squirrel-Proof
    When a squirrel tries to climb the pole to eat the bird feed, the spring ring is designed to start extending under the weight of a squirrel to make the squirrel slide off the pole, while the spring action frightens it away without harm!

  • No Extra Adjustment Settings
    The Squirrels Trouble is an individually spring-loaded protection device that never needs adjusting, just attach the spring at the top of the support pole-it is ready to go straight to bounce the squirrel away. Not worrying about squirrels and other pests anymore!

Long-range Elasticity

  • Squirrels Trouble is a spring design, with high-elasticity to extend to enough length and keep a safe distance between bird feed and squirrels, which allows the birds to eat while preventing squirrels from getting a meal, providing a safe place for the birds.
  • This product does not cause harm to animals.


  • Material: Metal
  • Product weight: 35g
  • Specifications: OD 66mm, height 69mm

Package Include:

  • 1 x Squirrels Trouble