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Waterproof Tyre Graphitti DIY Pen

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No more desire for normal tyres?

It's time for your tyres to shine‼ 


  • One of the best products for all car enthusiasts . looking for an easy way . Cover up paint damage. Or make their car look smart! Waterproof tyre paint pen can do it all !!!
  • Scratches can be expensive . but there is an easier way to fix them yourself in your garage. This paint stick is water resistant . odourless . non-toxic and long lasting. You can choose from 12 different colours and find your colour easily.
  • It is suitable for any type of tyre . be it a motorbike . a car . a bicycle or a child's bike or even a toy car.


This product is so easy to use. Remove the plug . shake the pen and press it against the scratch . until the paint comes out. Now you can cover the scratches or draw something . to get unique car tyres . like no one else does!


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Very solid color

Thank you for your trust