Ambassador Program



So, you want to be a Wonderer?

The Wonder brand ambassador program is a community-driven initiative that aims to spread the love of Pickleball by tapping into the passion and expertise of local influencers. These ambassadors, who come from a variety of backgrounds including Pickleball players, social media influencers, and instructors, are the backbone of the program. They act as trusted resources and enthusiastic advocates for the sport, helping to promote it in their communities and beyond. In addition to promoting the sport, ambassadors also provide valuable feedback on product development, test new paddle technology, and assist at Pickleball events. Their dedication and enthusiasm help to fuel the Pickleball obsession in every player they meet, making the BNB Ballers brand ambassador program an essential component of the Pickleball community.

Benefits include:

Early access to the latest gear and paddles to demonstrate the latest tech to your Pickleball community.

Starter Kit: 1 Paddle from each of our model lines to use as demos.

Revenue share affiliate code. An exclusive discount code that can be used by your friends & followers on that will also pay you back on every online purchase that uses your exclusive code.

Brand Ambassador Application

To be considered for our ambassadorship, please contact us. Fill out as much as you can. Some of the fields are absolutely required, others just help serve us to get to know you a bit better. Once we receive your application, we'll review it as soon as possible, and will be in contact with a approval decision, or further questions.


please contact us by:



Facebook: @Wondermassager

Phone: +852-53085048